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Baby's Grasp

Christenings & Youth Dedications

Christenings at Unity are Spiritual Baptisms dedicating the child to the unfolding of the Christ presence within them and affirming the parents’ love and wisdom needed to assist this process.

In one sense, baptism/Christening is both a ceremony and a ritual. It is a ceremony in which the family and friends gather to celebrate the child. As a ritual it is a sacred event in the life of the family in the religious community. 

According to Charles Fillmore in the Revealing Word, in Unity a baptism/christening is a spiritual cleansing of the mind. Unity does not believe that a child is born in sin and somehow the baptism washes away the sins inherent in the child. The predominant Unity belief is that we are born whole and perfect children of God. For Unity, a baptism would represent a cleansing of the mind from negative thoughts and beliefs, which is more representative of an adult baptism.

For a baby or a child, the christening is a symbolic act of welcoming and naming a child into a community. The ritual is a dedication and a commitment of the family and all those gathered to claim collective responsibility for the raising of the child. It is a symbolic act of naming and claiming the child as a beloved child of God.

Please contact our office with questions and pricing information. 

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