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Senior Minister

Rev. Myra's involvement in Unity began in 1995 when she was spiritually guided to “seek a church to serve in.” The church she walked into immediately became her spiritual home, and the Unity teachings became the heart and soul of her spirituality. Myra focused on church leadership through teaching and speaking at various churches in Wisconsin while completing the Licensed Unity Teacher program in 2005. The call to ministry came at the end of her LUT studies, and she entered ministerial school at Unity Institute in 2006. 

During ministerial school Myra, a former psychotherapist, worked the prayer call lines at Silent Unity and developed a spiritual counseling program for Unity Village Chapel at Unity Village, MO. She also served as Student Minister for Unity of Manhattan (Manhattan, KS) in 2008. Myra completed a ministerial internship at UKCN, and became our Associate Minister upon graduation in June 2009. She became our Senior Minister in June 2011. Since then the church has grown into a highly engaged, diverse ministry with many leaders, unique teams and volunteers. In addition, Rev. Myra enjoys mentoring ministerial students and is involved with Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM). She has previously served on the UWM Board of Trustees and multiple UWM teams.

Myra has a passion for fostering spiritual growth and leadership in others. She loves to collaborate and create community-centered ministry that celebrates, honors and empowers all people in knowing their divine nature. Myra is compassionate, prayerful and joy-filled, and strongly supports our healing needs, personal growth and spiritual transformation. Myra is passionate about serving our spiritual community and the Unity movement, and is committed to bringing forward authentic, open and loving spiritual oneness in a way that honors all.

Myra is married to Kansas City jazz musician and tap dancer, Lonnie McFadden. She has three adult children, April, Danielle and Gabriel, and six wonderful grandchildren, Sky, Martin, Mira, Addie, Harlow and Asher.



Office Manager

Ruth began attending UKCN in the spring of 2016 and became a member in April of that year. She first volunteered as an usher and with the music ministry before joining the chaplain program in the summer of 2017. She participates in spiritual growth classes, taking them for Spiritual Education & Enrichment (SEE) credit, and is a member of the Unity Leadership Team.

​Ruth and her husband, Tommy, share their Northland home with their beloved dog, Maisie.



Program Coordinator

Danielle has actively served our ministry since moving to Kansas City in June 2014. She became a member & employee of Unity of Kansas City North in the spring of 2015. Danielle loves Unity's progressive and approachable take on Christianity, and enjoys helping spread our message through her work with social media and program coordination.

​Danielle currently lives in Gladstone with her husband, Cassidy, and children, Harlow & Asher. 



Jane has been a member of our spiritual family since 1989.  Jane has been a chaplain for the last ten years and is an experienced UKCN leader, serving as a member of the Unity Leadership Team for the last five years, as well as coordinating the We Care Team.  She also served on the Board of Trustees previously, from 2016-2021.  During that time she held the positions of Member-at-Large, Secretary, and Vice President.

Outside of church, Jane has offered support in committees while employed at Hallmark Cards from 1979-2020. Regarding her motivation to serve on our Board of Trustees, Jane says that she is interested in making a positive difference to this world in which we live, and that she cares about this community and wants to see it thrive. As a leader she offers trustworthiness, kindness, honesty, deep listening, and a willingness to learn and be open to new ways.

Vice President

Shawn has been attending UKCN for several years and took the step into formal membership in 2019. Since that time, she has been very active in our community, becoming manager of Reflections Bookstore that year. She also played a vital role on the Exploration Committee in 2020-2021, and was on the “Joy-Filled and Grateful” fundraiser team. Shawn also serves as an usher. Over her time here, Shawn has taken several classes and enjoys attending the Women’s Retreat each year.

In her professional life, Shawn has served in leadership roles for many years and directed teams of employees, led projects, and served on boards of various professional associations. She says she is inspired to serve on the board here because, “I love the people of UKCN and I really want to contribute more to the future success of this wonderful place.”


Susan has regularly attended UKCN for approximately 20 years, having updated and reinstated her membership in 2013. Since rejoining our spiritual community, Susan has played a major role – particularly in our music ministry. She has served as choir director, vocalist, pianist and music co-leader for our annual Women’s Retreat for many years.

Susan is “excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for the church.” She says, “Our church is growing, and as we grow new areas of expansion and opportunity also emerge.”

Susan also brings valuable work experience from her years working at the University of Kansas Cancer Center & UMKC. This includes 25 years of grant development, budget creation, fiscal management and administrative experience. She has also run her own small business (yoga studio) and worked on the non-profit side in theatre and opera.


Marilyn has been a member of UKCN for 25+ years. She has a deep love and loyalty for our church community, which she calls her second family. Marilyn is the coordinator of the Welcome Team and has served on the Visibility Team, Joy-Filled & Grateful/Summer Love Team, in the book store, and is a member of the choir. She has been taking personal growth classes since 1994.
Outside of church, Marilyn has been active in our larger community through her volunteer work with the elderly, youth, PTA and other local groups. Her professional career includes employment with the Integrity Branch of the Social Security Administration. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with a minor in Sociology. Regarding her motivation to serve on our Board of Trustees, Marilyn says she would love to see our church grow and make a difference locally and in the world.

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