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Walking the bridge of prosperity together, we welcome God’s loving abundance as it flows into our ministry with renewed love, joy and gratitude. We do our part to fill the gap between the present time and Gratitude Gardens and Event Spaces becoming fully activated. We honor our desire for a continual flow of financial abundance to sustain us with ease, peace and joy.


In support of Unity of Kansas City North’s Walking the Bridge Prosperity Campaign, I commit to practicing the principles of prosperity that further my own spiritual growth while supporting our spiritual community. 


I commit to giving beyond my current tithes and love offerings to Unity of Kansas City North. I participate in the Walking the Bridge Prosperity Campaign by pledging additional financial support through:

                                 Single gift(s) of  $ _______    

                                 Continued gifts of  $______  per _______


I commit to this increase beginning today and will continue to honor this pledge through October 27, 2024. I enter into this commitment with joy and love, anticipating the abundance that will come to myself and our spiritual community.

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Walking the Bridge Commitment

Walking the Bridge
Prosperity Campaign

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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